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The most powerful Vac Truck in Florida

    Paints & Coatings, Inc.’s fleet of vacuum trucks are capable of removing liquids from wet wells, manholes, pump stations, septic tanks, communication manholes, sludge digesters, railcars and a multitude of other tank scenarios. Tanks of all sizes and capacities are easily managed using truck mounted vacuum equipment. It is Paints & Coatings, Inc.’s objective to provide the safest and most economical solution for all your liquid handling needs.

We firmly believe that preventive maintenance is the solution to eliminating interruptions in daily operations caused by waste or storm water issues. This is why Paints & Coatings, Inc. can assist you with developing a maintenance program that fits your specific needs. Whether it is an interior grease trap, exterior grease tank, lift station, pump station, or miles of sewer line, Paints & Coatings, Inc. will develop a maintenance program that provides all the assurance needed to comply with today’s demands.  

Call Paints & Coatings Inc. for your Non-toxic Waste Removal Needs!  239-997-6645