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Deluxe Prep Method

      "Secondary Containment is a common term used when trying to take precautions against ruptures and leaks of fluids. IET’s “Deluxe Prep Method” revolutionary engineered multi-layer secondary containment system allows water to pass through freely but seals on contact delivering peace of mind at a fraction of the cost. Typical problems encountered with concrete and other types of containment are eliminated:
• Presents a solution for problems like poor drainage, blocked drains, chronic leaks and loss of usable real estate
• Eliminates cost of digging
• No more mechanical problems
• No more pumping and testing water
• No more concrete or cracks to repair
• Reduced installation costs
• Virtually no maintenance required
• Ten-Year Unlimited Warranty provides spill and leak protection for all workmanship for all wastewater structures.

Our secondary containment systems eliminates the preparation time and cost associated with sand blasting, cleaning and drying your concrete floor. Our IET-crete material is an alternative floor for all manholes and lift stations. It installs easily without major cleanup of your floor surface and is priced competitively. This impact and corrosion resistant material will not crack and its non-skid surface accommodates dollies, drums, forklifts, or floor traffic. Because it is so easy to install and maintain with no cure time, it only makes sense to reduce your cost and time of bypass pumping by creating your concrete floors with IET-crete and coating with IET.